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Element 1

element-1-h2-compliance-imgelement1 is a web based software application to enable Enterprises, Only Representatives and Consultancy firms to take control of REACH Regulatory Affairs.

It is provided as Software as a Service (SaaS) which enables easy access. element1 provides youwith a secure collaborative workspace in which to manage substances and projects, while ensuring full cost tracking and document archiving.


Substance Data Portfolio
Compile all substance information in a logical and accesible location. Search and filter by key data points.

Project Management Built In
From initial scope definition, to building a project team and assigning tasks and responsibilities, project management is made very efficient in element1.

Secure Software as a Service
Stored on SSAE 16 Amazon Web Services environment to meet the very highest security requirements for your data. element1 is available 24 hours a day through your internet browser anywhere in the world.

Supply Chain Communication
Send messages and campaigns to your clients and downstream users to update tonnages, capture uses and confirm supply of Safety Data Sheets.

Cost Tracking
Collate all costs associated with a substance for reporting and future planning. Essential within consortia for full transparency and allocation.

Archive System
The only location to store all your important documents and messages. With the use of tags and filters, file retention is very simple.

User control
element1 is able to manage all types of users including internal resources, client contacts, downstream users,SIEF members and external experts. You decide which level of access each contact will be granted.

Substance List Tracking
element1 checks all substances for inclusion on the ECHA Candidate lists. It also monitors the NGO SIN list which provides an early warning for possible inclusion on the ECHA Candidate list.

Free Demo: To see how element1 can help manage your REACH activities and to see its full range of capabilities call +353 21 4868120 or email for a demo or a 30 day free trial.

What element1 does for your business

Build programs around substances to ensure information is at your fingertips. Assign responsibility within your team for substances and monitor SIEF and Consortia progress at a glance. Provide up to date information on performance metrics both for your business and for your clients. Put yourself at the centre of your program and finally feel in control.

What element1 can do for you

Manage your daily and weekly workload by using tasks to remind you of key completion dates. Remove the need to build numerous spreadsheets for data collection and analysis. element1 will become your encyclopedia for your REACH data and its filter tools will be your index.

This application is essential for any organisation that has involvement in REACH. The management functionality is excellent and allows me to assure the REACH compliance for our clients and plan for future work and cost exposure.
OR Manager

I have used many different software tools for REACH but Element1 is by far the most functional and easy to use. It has an extremely logical workflow. It also has useful filters and tags that make upload and retention very efficient.
element1 User