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services-icon-registrationREACH registration requires the submission of comprehensive documentation outlining the intrinsic properties of the substance, its hazards, uses, and proposed risk reduction measures. Due to the workload involved REACH provides for a phased period of substance registrations through extended registration deadlines.


To qualify for extended registration deadlines, companies were required to pre-register with ECHA before December 1st, 2008. Companies who missed the deadline do not qualify for extended registration deadlines and must submit an Inquiry to ECHA and proceed with an immediate registration. However, companies who first breached the one tonne threshold after December 1st, 2008 can still benefit from extended registration deadlines.

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Inquiry Process

Inquiry involves the submission of an Inquiry Dossier detailing the substance in question. This dossier is used by ECHA to verify the substance identification and establish if the substance has been registered already. If the substance has been registered already, then a letter of access can be purchased from the original registrant(s) to gain access to their technical dossier; if not, then a technical dossier will have to be created.

Following Inquiry, a registration dossier is completed and submitted along with a letter of access or technical dossier.

If you have missed the deadline

• Prepare and submit your Inquiry dossier to ECHA and make an immediate registration
• Suspend the sale/manufacture of your product in Europe

Our Services

Dossier Creation

  • Inquiry Dossier Creation on IUCLID
  • Gap Analysis and Validation of Existing Scientific Data
  • (Q)SAR & Read Across Services
  • Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA) and Exposure Scenario (ES) Development
  • Scientific Assistance with GHS Classification &Labelling
  • Chemical Safety Report (CSR) Write Up

Additional Services

  • Situation Analysis & Strategic Advice
  • Budgeting & Business Impact Analysis
  • Downstream User Communications
  • Safety Data Sheet Creation and Translation