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H2 Compliance is led by a team of experienced industry experts.

Grant Kinsman – CEO linkedin-icon

h2-compliance-team-imgs-grant-kinsmanGrant Kinsman has 25 years experience in IT industries. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering. Grant has extensive global technology, product development, marketing and business start-up experience. He has a broad knowledge of the business value delivery system including Operations, R & D, Business Planning, Commercialisation and Intellectual Property.

John Hayes – CTO linkedin-icon

h2-compliance-team-imgs-john-hayesJohn Hayes has over 14 years experience in the pharmaceutical and IT sectors. He has a BSc in Biotechnology and a PhD in Physical Chemistry. John has extensive environmental and chemical regulatory knowledge. This experience has been applied to many different scenarios including Government Affairs and Lobbying, Health & Safety, Production, Environmental Programme Development and Waste Management. A founder of H2 Compliance, John leads the development of regulatory and support services to assure ubiquitous market access for our clients.

Kevin Hoban – COO linkedin-icon

h2-compliance-team-imgs-kevin-hobanKevin Hoban has 18 years experience in the IT, Pharmaceutical and Metals industries. He holds a BSc and MSc in Industrial Chemistry, a Diploma in Environmental Engineering and is a Professional Project Manager. Kevin has extensive international experience in the development and deployment of complex EHS, chemical and supply chain projects. He has worked in the implementation of quality, environmental and business mgmt. systems. A founder of H2 Compliance, Kevin provides leadership for the development of internal systems and software for excellence in service provision.

Beth L. Bidstrup linkedin-icon

h2-compliance-team-imgs-beth-bidstrupBeth L. Bidstrup, MHS, CIH. Principal Occupational Scientist, has worked in environmental health and safety for over 20 years at the facility, division and corporate level. Her work consists of providing a leadership role in the Company’s global chemical management and occupational health programs and supporting the product stewardship programs for the pharmaceutical industry. This background includes significant international experience in chemical regulations, product hazard and exposure assessments, and the handling of potent pharmaceutical compounds. Beth received her B.S in Industrial Hygiene and Environmental Toxicology and her Masters of Health Science in Industrial Hygiene and Safety. She is also a Certified Industrial Hygienist.

Colin Smith linkedin-icon

h2-compliance-team-imgs-colin-smithColin joined H2 Compliance having spent 4 years working as a toxicologist for the Health and Safety Authority, the Irish Competent Authority for REACH and CLP. He has been involved in all aspects of REACH, CLP and previously the NONS programme. In addition, Colin was involved in both the drafting of the technical Annexes of CLP and the work of the UN GHS subcommittee, subsequently he also delivered Training for Trainers on CLP Enforcement for the ECHA Forum to Member States. Colin also acted as a technical advisor on Human health to the Irish representatives of the ECHA Member State, Risk Assessment and CARACAL committees.

Roseleen Murphy linkedin-icon

h2-compliance-team-imgs-roseleen-murphyRoseleen Murphy (BA Science, MBs Occupational H&S). Roseleen joined H2 Compliance having spent 6 years working for the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) within the Chemicals division of the Irish Competent Authority for REACH and CLP. As a member of the REACH team, her role predominately focused on the provision of training, information and advice to Industry on all aspects of REACH through the Helpdesk, from the early days of REACH in 2007. In addition she acted as Irish representative to the REACH helpdesk network of the EU, developing harmonised FAQs, ECHA guidance material and tools for industry. She was also involved in developing Irish positions on REACH during her time there most recently REACH Restriction and SVHC proposals from a risk management perspective. Other chemical regulatory experience gained in CLP, Export and Import of Dangerous Chemicals and Detergents.