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Tobacco Products Regulatory Support

Following the adoption of the EU Directive 2014/40/EU in 2014 and the subsequent implementing decisions, there is an onus on manufacturers, importers and distributors of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes and refill containers to comply with the legislation.

Products on the market must be notified by May 2017. For products introduced to the market after November 2016, products must be notified prior to the placement of the product on the market.

The format of the submission is still under discussion and will be completed at a Member State level. The information requirements are common across all Member States.

Each manufacturer or importer must apply for an identification number (Submitter ID). This number will be used with all subsequent submissions and correspondence. Based on the Submitter ID , the manufacturer or importer of electronic cigarettes shall assign an E-cigarette ID (EC-ID) for each product notified. For manufacturers or importers of tobacco products, a tobacco product ID (TP-ID) shall be assigned.

What services can we offer?

H2 Compliance can offer a complete regulatory support solution. We can provide support to notify your data to your Member State. This can also include the annual tonnage information that must be submitted.

H2 Compliance can provide a complete review of safety data sheets and labelling of the imported and manufactured products to ensure compliance with the EU Classification and Labelling Regulation.

H2 Compliance can support the notification of your products to the various Poison Control Centres throughout the EU.

For more information, please contact  to discuss your queries. We can provide tailored services specific to your requirements.

More Information

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