On the 21st of June 2012 at the Ryan Academy in Dublin, H2 Compliance and Reach Ready combine expertise and experience to deliver a one day event like no other.

The main aim of this event is to help regulatory managers, practitioners, manufacturers and importers of substances into Europe to understand more about substance registration for REACH in time for the May 31st 2013 deadline. The workshop will focus mainly on registering substances as part of a joint submission and will take you through each step of the process thouroughly.

Some of the key issues covered on the day include;

  • A summary of the principles of joint registration
  • Understanding the registration process and timescales
  • Exploring the relationship between the Lead Registrant’s and your own submission
  • Learning what every registrant’s dossier must contain
  • Sharing experiences from the 2010 deadline

REACH Registration is not the only subject covered on the day. To give a more rounded knowledge of your responsibilities we have included talks on the Classification , Labelling and Packaging (CLP) Regulation and practicalities as well. These talks include;

  • Introduction to EU CLP and SDS
  • Obligations & Preperation
  • Extended SDS (e-SDS)
  • Linkage between REACH/SDS and CLP

What to expect                                                           What not to expect
Expert Advice                                                             Boring, overly technical talks
Guest speaker from the HSA Helpdesk                Rushed presentations
Step by step walk through of actions                    Irrelevant information
Breaks for discussion and questions                    A large price tag

To avail of this opportunity to talk with two leading industry experts and learn what it takes to register your substances, then click here to register.