Roseleen Murphy(BA Science, MBs Occupational H&S).

H2 Compliance are pleased to announce our  new employee Roseleen Murphy( Senior account manager Chemical Regulations). Roseleen joins us having worked for the past 6 years in the Health and Safety Authority within the Chemicals division of the Irish Competent Authority for REACH and CLP.  As a member of the REACH team, her role predominately focused on the provision of training, information and advice to Industry on all aspects of REACH through the Helpdesk, from the early days of REACH in 2007.

In addition she acted as Irish representative to the REACH helpdesk network of the EU, developing harmonised FAQs, ECHA guidance material and tools for industry. She was also involved in developing Irish positions on REACH during her time there most recently REACH Restriction and SVHC proposals from a risk management perspective. Other chemical regulatory experience gained in CLP, Export and Import of Dangerous Chemicals and Detergents.  Roseleen joins us as our Senior Account Manager for Chemical Regulations.