An introduction to Authorisation


In her presentation, Roseleen will address the Application for Authorisation  process paying particular attention to  the required technical content  of an Application as well as providing hints  and suggestions on how to maximise an  applicant’s chance of being granted an authorisation.



Who should attend?
There are currently 22 substances listed within Annex XIV of REACH as being subject to Authorisation, the “A” of “REACH”, in the near future. Those companies who manufacture, import or use one of these 22 substances, or perhaps one of the Candidate List substances that may join the Authorisation List, now need to gain a better understanding of the implications of this List, the practicalities of making an application and the resulting communication activities.
Any company wanting to find out more about the Authorisation process and how it works in practice should attend this event. In particular, this day is aimed at anyone in the chemical manufacturing, and importing sectors who needs a greater understanding of the Authorisation process. The day will also be of interest to anyone who has identified that their supply chain uses a substance that may become subject to Authorisation and needs to consider the consequent business continuity issues.
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Why attend?
We will outline the key steps in the regulatory process, the practical activities companies need to take to apply for an Authorisation and the subsequent compliance steps following a successful application. This workshop will outline the essentials of Authorisation that will help you:
  • understand the key aspects of Authorisation
  • identify if you will need to apply for an Authorisation
  • appreciate the timescales involved – what will happen and when
  • equip yourself to make informed business decisions on the way ahead
  •  identify opportunities to engage in the Authorisation decision-making process
  •  learn from those who have first-hand experience of the Authorisation process, including one of our Approved Service Providers
This intensive day will be a combination of interactive teaching and experience sharing. We use an informal style so there will be plenty of opportunity to quiz our experts throughout the day.
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