Registration News

Some Consortia for distillate and petroleum type liquids plan on beginning preparations for 2018 REACH Registrations by surveying Registrants about their 2018 Registration intentions.  Such a survey is likely to go out in Q1 2014.

A 2018 licence fee will be based on the results of this survey, and the fee will cover the fair share of costs i.e. compensation of the Lead Registrant. With the information gathered, SIEF leaders for such Substances may be able to compute a 2018 price for a Letter Of Access (LOA) by Q4 2014. This will enable 2018 REACH Registration to begin by Q1 2015.

Of course for many chemical Substances out there, it is already possible to purchase an LOA for 2018.

2018 sees the final REACH Registration deadline, and is for EU Manufacturers or Importers in quantities of 1-100 metric tonnes per annum (TPA).

Registering in the next four/five years would suit companies that know for certain that they will REACH Register their Substance(s) in 2018. It would certainly suit companies that need to Register more than one Substance for that deadline – from a budgeting and timeline point of view.

Total REACH Registration costs vary due to its four components:

  1. LOA prices vary from €200 for very common organic solvents, to five or even six figures for more bespoke Substances. For many petroleum distillates, this figure is €6,000 – €12,000.
  2. ECHA administrative fee varies depending on your company size and your tonnage band. A Small company submitting as 1-10 TPA pays €450, whilst a Large company submitting as 10-100 TPA pays €3,454
  3. Company Dossier build in IUCLID and associated consultancy fees from a regulatory affairs company range from €3,000 – €6,000
  4. Analytical chemistry data is required to prove that your Substance fits the Substance Identity Profile. This can be done cheaply if such instrumentation is available in-house. If not, contract labs charge €3,000 for well-defined Substances, and up to €10,000 for more difficult to characterise Substances.


Total cost for a 2018 Joint Registrant can be as cheap as €5,000 for a very common organic solvent, but average at €25,000 for a petroleum distillate.

Timeline varies from 2 – 6 months.

If you wish to REACH Register your 1-100 TPA Substance in advance of 2018, you can contact us for a free 30 minute consultation.