Reach Registration

In the early days of REACH, it was estimated that 100,000 unique chemical substances were in use in the EU. Of these, 30,000 are placed on the market in more than one tonne per annum and so would be expected to require registration by 2018. To spread the workload on industry and authorities, there are three Registration deadlines:

Nov 2010 for substances >1,000tpa and substances considered high hazard (tons per annum)

May 2013 for substance >100 tpa

May 2018 for substances >1 tpa


As of today, (13th Jan 2014), 7,500 substances and 38,000 dossiers have been registered (an average of 5 registrants for each substance). 3,000 of these substances were Registered in the May 2013 deadline period.  This excludes a further 5,200 substances which were submitted under NONS (the regime prior to REACH).


94% of these are Phase-in (or, existing substances) while 6% are new substances which do not benefit from extended timelines for registration.


To date, approximately 15% of submissions were from SME’s. 22% of submissions were submitted by Only Representatives on behalf of Non-EU companies.


The top 3 countries from which Registrations have been submitted are Germany (26%), UK (11%) and France (9%).


Popular substances include ethanol, fuels, metals (iron, aluminium), inorganic oxides (calcium dihydroxide, calcium oxide, aluminium oxide), monomers (ethylene oxide, methyloxirane, butadiene) and commodity chemicals (ethylene, silicon, propene, sulphur)


If the early estimate of 30,000 substances proves to be correct, the REACH Registration process is one quarter of the way to the finishing line.

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