The Canadian Government has published new draft regulations that  will implement GHS in Canada. The public has been given an opportunity to submit comments on the proposed amendments until by September 8, 2014.

• The new regulations will implement the fifth revision of GHS which was released in 2013.
• The current regulations will be repealed and replaced with the proposed Hazardous Product Regulations (HPR). In addition, given the new requirements for ingredient disclosure on the SDS, the Ingredient Disclosure List will be repealed.


The new regulations will differ from the current requirements in five broad areas:

• the method of determining the classification of workplace hazardous chemicals;
• the classification of physical hazards;
• the classification of health hazards;
• labelling and safety data sheets;
• exemptions.

The main highlights of the new Regulations are:

  • The requirement in the CPR for a hatched border around the label content will not be retained, nor is the requirement that the  label contain a statement that an (M)SDS is available.
  • Current symbols will be replaced with hazard pictograms, the signal word and hazard statements will  be grouped together on the label. In addition, it is specified that the label must be durable and legible without the help of any devices other than corrective lenses.
  • The current 9-section MSDS will be replaced with the standard format GHS SDS with 16 sections.
  • Information on the label and SDS would continue to be provided in both English and French. The information could appear either on a single bilingual SDS or two separate unilingual SDSs. Bilingual labels will continue to be required.
  • The hazard communication requirements for products that are classified as Biohazardous Infectious Materials will be retained.
  • The need to revise the SDS every three years will no longer be required as it is will be a requirement that an SDS and label be accurate at the time of each sale or importation of the product.

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