services-icon-registrationOn the 1st September 2014, ECHA published a proposal to include a considerable number of Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) for the Authorisation List (Annex XIV).

Should these proposals be adopted future uses of these substance would not be permitted unless each user applies for and is granted an Authorisation before the relevant Sunset Date. The 22 proposed additions comprise seven lead substances, seven phthalate substances, four boron substances (including Boric Acid), two substances derived from coal tar; Anthrancene oil, and Pitch, coal tar, the substance Nonylphenol ethoxylated (branched and linear) and the substance 1-Bromopropoane. Industry comments welcome until 30th November This announcement launches a 90 day public consultation on the proposal. Industry and interested parties have the opportunity to provide detail to ECHA on how the substances are being used in the EU, propose exempted uses from the authorisation requirement and provide comments on how the proposed dates would impact upon industries capacity to find suitable substitutes or to prepare an application for authorisation. New to the public consultation process: The European Commission appear to be seeking an early insight into the possible socioeconomic impacts of a proposed authorisation, consequently comments can also be submitted for the first time in parallel to the EU Commission specifically addressing socio-economic impacts. Commentaries from industry relating to the value of the substance to the EU Market, the existence of proven safer alternatives, potential impact on employment as well as the costs, and benefits of moving to a suitable substitute are of great interest to the Commission. For the full list of proposed substances please see the ECHA website. Need additional information on this proposal? Concerned about your substances? Contact the team today