January- ECHA launches REACH 2018, a countdown to Registration campaign and announces its commitment to support all stakeholders particularly SMEs through the process.

As another year closes in we take a look back at some of the items making headlines in the Chemical Regulatory world.

February- Canada implements GHS

March- ECHA reports on the dossier evaluation process. The Agency concludes that quality is improving but shortfalls still noted.

April, The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice advises in April on the long awaited ruling on the definition of an Article under REACH and the much disputed SVHC threshold of 0.1%. This advice paved the way for the EJC to rule in favour of the AG marking a landmark judgement in September.

May- H2 Compliance attended ECHAs 10th Stakeholders Day in Helsinki in May. ECHA addressed over 500 participants, predictably focusing on the 2018 deadline and Authorisation applications.

June- ECHA releases its first Beta Version of IUCLID 6 in June, while 2 new SVHCs are added to the Candidate List
ECHA recommends a further 15 substances for Authorisation.

July- the EU Commission holds their publication and commits to publishing a simplification process in 2016.

September-A proposal to add 7 new substances to ECHAs candidate list is launched as a public consultation in September.

November- A Public consultation to add 11 new SVHCs to the Authorisation list is launched in November.

December-ECHA updates it’s guidance on Substances in Articles to align it with the EJC ruling in September, and proposes more SVHCs for the Candidate List