The new versions of IUCLID has now been released. This will be followed by an updated version of REACH-IT (online platform for secure submissions to ECHA) at the end of

Once the new version of REACH-IT is launched (21st June 2016), only dossiers created with IUCLID 6 can be submitted. Until then, companies must continue using IUCLID 5 for all submissions. However, companies are advised to use the time between the two IT tool launches to start preparing for the switch to IUCLID 6.
The H2 Compliance team are in a strong position to provide advice and expertise in assisting companies with their transition to the new IT tools.
R4BP the Register for Biocidal Products tool is also being updated, this is currently planned for release on 5th July 2016. Once released the only format accepted by R4BP will be IUCLID 6. Before that IUCLID 5 format has to be used.
It is important to note the release dates for the update of REACH-IT and R4BP. These release dates may influence the schedule of the upgrade from IUCLID version 5 to 6.
The Launch date of Chesar had been delayed, this is to allow continued testing to ensure stability and compatibility of the tool with the new version of IUCLID. A new release date will be announced soon.

For further information please contact us