The final version of IUCLID 6 is now available. ECHA has been preparing the roll-out of the new software by releasing a series of Beta-versions to the

These have been systematically released to allow users to familiarise themselves with the new system, as well as allowing for reporting of any issues with the software ahead of the final version.

The final beta-version was released on the 5th February 2016, and the full version of IUCLID 6 was released on the 29th April. There is an overlap period to phase in IULCID 6 and phase out IULCID 5. IUCLID 6 will be compatible with the new version of REACH IT (version 3), which is set for release on the 21st June 2016. After this time, IUCLID 6 alone will be the software used for substance submissions (IUCLID 5 will become defunct).
IUCLID 6 is a major overhaul of the previous versions of the programme. New underlying software is used (Glassfish rather than Java and Postgre SQL), which makes desktop installation simpler. As IUCLID 5 will not be compatible with the new REACH IT, files can be migrated to IUCLID 6, so long as they are from IUCLID 5.5 or newer.

New features:
The new programme is designed to support more transparency on complex cases (e.g. multiple chemical variations of a substance can be supported on the system).
There will be a wider scope of application – e.g. for substance evaluation, harmonised classification and labelling, authorisation and restriction activities.
The new layout of the Technical Completeness Check (TCC) enables tables to be used more easily in endpoint study reports.

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