With the first deadline rapidly approaching, ECHA has recently released their dedicated Poison Centre Notification portal. This will allow businesses to prepare and submit notifications to European Poison Centres as required by the CLP Regulation.

The new portal is online and accessible, however as ECHA indicates more functionalities will be introduced in July and November this year. Right now, it is possible to create and submit notifications within the portal or using the IUCLID format. Further portal versions should also support System 2 System integration which may be a pivotal function for larger companies.

Deadlines for submission

1st January 2021 – mixtures for consumer use (this deadline has recently been extended)

1st January 2021 – mixtures for professional use

1st January 2024 – mixtures for industrial use

H2 is ready to help you with meeting Annex VIII requirements using our own dedicated Poison Centres Notification tool. Please feel free to contact us.