The 29th March, 12th April and 31st October deadlines for the UK’s exit from the European Union have come and gone, and a new exit date of 31st January 2020 has been agreed with the EU.

The UK government has repeatedly failed to get the exit deal ratified by the UK Parliament. Prime Minister Johnson has called a general election for the 12th December with the hopes of securing a greater majority and to support endorsement of the Withdrawal Agreement.

Chemicals are second only to motor vehicles in terms of UK exports to the EU, therefore it is imperative to maintain REACH compliance within supply chains.

Key actions

Some key actions to ensure as smooth a transition as possible are:

  • Know your supply chain
  • Engage with suppliers/ORs to determine their plans post-Brexit
  • Identify REACH registrations that rely on UK membership of the EU
  • Identify substances imported into the UK (for compliance with UK-REACH)
  • Change to an EU-27/EEA supplier (or to an UK-based supplier for compliance with UK-REACH)
  • Appoint an EU-27/EEA OR (or appoint an UK-based OR for compliance with UK-REACH)
What now?

Many of these actions are time critical and H2 Compliance can assist you in maintaining REACH compliance in your supply chain. Please use the ‘contact us’ page and ask for Kevin for more information.

You can listen to our recent webinar on Brexit by downloading here: