ECHA have submitted an intention to the Registry of Intentions for Restrictions for the use of lead in ammunition and fishing tackle.

Placing on the market and use of lead in ammunition (gunshots and bullets) and fishing tackle are within the scope of the restriction proposal. The assessment will cover the use of lead in gunshot in terrains other than wetlands, bullets used both in wetlands and in terrains other than wetlands as well as lead in fishing tackle. The use of lead in shots over wetlands is already covered by a previous restriction.

The proposal aims to address concerns posed by lead to the environment, to wildlife and to those who regularly consume game killed with lead shots or bullets.

A call for evidence and information is currently ongoing and ECHA are appealing for information from stakeholders with an interest in this issue on the following topics:

  • quantities of lead used or released to the environment and the resulting human health or environmental impacts;
  • current best practice to minimise lead exposure to humans or the environment during use;
  • alternatives to lead shot, bullets and lead in fishing tackle;
  • other socio-economic impacts on society with regard to a possible restriction, such as costs and/or benefits to any affected stakeholders.

Stakeholders are asked to submit information before the call for evidence closes on 16th December 2019.