The Russian State Agency for Industry Information System (GISP) launched the “Chemical Inventory in the Russian Federation” Service. The inventory of chemicals is part of a set of measures aimed at industry to help prepare for the implementation of the technical regulation of the Eurasian Economic Union “On Chemical Product Safety” (EAEU TR 041/2017) in the Russian Federation. This inventory compilation stage gives representatives from the chemical and other related industry the right to submit information on chemicals that are in circulation or planned to be circulated within the Russian Federation. Information collected at this stage will form the basis of the national part of the register of chemicals and mixtures in the Union. If a chemical is on the register after the entry into force of the requirements of the EAEU TR 041/2017, it will be not classed as a new substance. It is advisable for companies to participate in this inventory process to avoid new substance registration.

Non-Russian legal entities can appoint Nominated Representatives (“NR”) to submit their inventory notifications using the official template.

It is not clear when the official deadline is for inventory submissions, an initial data of 1st January 2020 was mentioned previously, however this may change.