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Only representatives must declare non-EU manufacturer details by 14 Oct 2022. We cover what needs to be done, who sees company details, and how to comply.

European Commission moves forward in restricting the most harmful chemicals – a roadmap and priority lists of chemicals published 

PFASs and PAH restriction proposals; adopted Sustainable Products Initiative that touches upon the presence of harmful chemicals in certain products

EPA rolls out new PFAS Data Collection Tool & considers expanding the definition according to OECD guidelines

EPA may update TSCA confidential business information rules  – public consultation until 11 Jul 2022.

Latin American governments move forward on chemical regulations, prompted by potential OECD membership. Our summaries on: ChileColombiaBrazilArgentina

We are expanding our Product Stewardship services. Read more on our approach and meet the team

2021 Annual performance report highlights the year’s achievements & challenges. See how we did!

German packaging law introduces new registration obligation


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