US Environmental compliance and Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) theme threads through this month’s newsletter: H2 Compliance will present and host a forum at a US HazCom conference; we introduce the newest EPR law in California and follow developments in three other US states (Colorado, Connecticut & Maine).



Tonnage downgrades may now be considered during dossier evaluation, post draft decision, if companies can prove their actual substances volumes

North America:

On the federal level, EPA sets new requirements for SNURs as part of TSCA amendments and adds Di-isononyl phthalate (DINP) to Toxics Release Inventory

On the state level, California’s law requires all plastic packaging to be recyclable or compostable by 2032

Rest of World:

South Korea finalises criteria for selecting candidate “permitted substances”

Japan updates guidance on screening and risk assessment methods for priority assessment chemicals

H2 Compliance news:

Our North American team and service portfolio expands to help clients achieve global chemical & environmental compliance, product stewardship & sustainability.

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Legislation presented at a US HazCom Conference by John Hayes, our CTO. H2C hosts a SCIP Database Forum.

Landbell Group News:

Landbell’s regulatory tracking service follows Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) laws in three US states – Colorado, Connecticut and Maine.