Make sure your Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are in the new format as of 2023 and see if you have HazCom (and takeback) obligations if you are selling online. We keep an eye on the new hazard classes proposed under the upcoming CLP amendments – let’s see how they might affect your business! We’ve also expanded our HazCom team to meet the growing service demand.


In the EU, SDS update to new format required as of 1 January 2023HazCom obligations of online sellers and new CLP hazard classes. A glance at REACH enforcement.

USA: TSCA progress report and U.S. EPA’s move on New Chemicals Program.

California intends to review Section 27000 List of substances for further testing, possibly list bisphenol A (BPA) as a carcinogen and Antimony as known to cause cancer under Prop 65. Far-reaching court ruling on Prop 65 warnings and exposure to chemicals.

Turkey – upcoming circular to assist KKDIK registrants

Eurasian Union‘s regional regulation is further delayed

Meet H2 Compliance’s expanded Hazard Communication team.
We sponsor the Irish Pharma Awards and share highlights from recent conferences.

Landbell Group offers takeback solutions for online sellers

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