EU REACH review is further delayed, while a number of landmark restrictions (microplastics, PFAS) are moving ahead. Prepare for the PCN deadline for industrial products and see how our Hazard Communication team can help you with it! Around the world, we keep an eye on possible postponement of Turkey’s registration deadlines. See latest US federal developments and our colleagues presenting at stand-out US chemical regulatory conferences. This month, H2 sponsors Pharma Industry Awards and our environmental team introduces Extended Producer Responsibility. And, finally, Landbell Group’s first sustainability report is online!


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Poison Center notifications compliance date for industrial products – 1 Jan 2024

PFAS restrictions: end of public consultation and next steps

Restriction of intentionally added microplastics adopted

EU REACH Revision further delayed


North America

PFAS Reporting Rule Finalized by EPA

15 Potential Substances Targeted for TSCA Prioritization

EPA Updated the Safer Chemical Ingredients List


Rest of World

Turkish authorities consider extending registration deadlines under KKDIK by two to four years, depending on the tonnage

Brazil updates its Hazard Communication rules triggering changes to all SDS


H2 Compliance news

H2 Compliance sponsors 2023 Pharma Industry Awards and attends inaugural UK Pharma Awards

H2 US colleagues attend stand-out chemical regulatory conferences

Updates from the Hazard Communication team

H2 environmental team – Introduction to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)


Landbell Group News

Green Alley Award – 2024 applications accepted!

Landbell Group publishes first sustainability report