We at H2 Compliance want to take this opportunity to wish you, and your families, a very happy festive season! We feel privileged to work with you all and hopefully to support your company with its ambitions.

2023 has proved to be yet another interesting year, with a tremendous number of parallel activities. Whether the focus on substances of concern, particularly PFAS, on both sides of the Atlantic, attention on micro-plastics, the strengthening green movement, or the upward trajectory of global chemical regulations, our activities are becoming more complex. We have seen Turkey deferring Registration deadlines at the 11th hour, India continuing to push its implementation down the road as well as the UK wrestling with the dates and content for UK-REACH. The EU has moved its dates for REACH Revision, while successfully completing the CLP Revision which will be with us for review shortly, in which we will see new classification, modifications to labels and font, and a significant push for improved compliance measures for on-line sales.

As a company, we have significantly strengthened our team in terms of capabilities and locations; with much bigger presence in the US, the UK and Poland. Our practices deal with Stewardship, Toxicology, International Services, HazCom, Representation and Software, while our colleagues in other parts of the company deal with Waste Electronics, Packaging, Batteries and increasing, Textiles. We commit to tracking requirements and building solutions and platforms to help your business.

We look forward to 2024 and to being able to serve you and your customers.

The H2 Compliance Team


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