India has recently published a notice that requires chemical and petrochemical industries to submit monthly data. All registered companies and manufacturing units must provide information and operations statistics to ChemIndia.

ChemIndia is India’s national chemical inventory. It aims to provide a consolidated list of all organic and inorganic substances, alkali chemicals, dyes and pigments, pesticides and insecticides (within the chemical category), synthetic fibres, polymers, synthetic rubber (elastomers), synthetic detergent intermediates (e.g. ethylene oxide), olefins, aromatics and other petro-based chemicals within the petrochemical category. The platform will enable the collection, compilation, and analysis of real time data, received from industry, regarding these substances.

Manufacturing companies will have to input the data into the portal such as the following:

  • CAS number
  • IUPAC name
  • HS Code
  • Volumes manufactured in tonnes

For mixtures, any individual ingredient with a volume of more than 10% of the mixture will need to be reported, as per the data requirements for chemical substances above. Companies may also provide details of ingredients present with a volume of less than 10% of the mixtures, if they so choose.

Data on research and development chemicals are currently exempted. Only data on commercial chemicals are currently included.

In a notice published in the Gazette of India on 27 February, the Ministry said that its Department of Chemicals and Petrochemicals (DCPC) has been mandated to collect statistics on chemical and petrochemical information related to production, installed capacity, export, import, sales and any other data that might be required in order to create a comprehensive inventory of Indian chemical and petrochemical data.

The information will need to be provided every calendar month and uploaded to the ChemIndia portal on or before the tenth day of the following calendar month by all registered chemical and petrochemical manufacturing units in the country.

According to the notice, information is required “without fail”, and the DCPC has appointed an officer to specifically verify all information provided by registered chemicals and petrochemical manufacturing units. The officer is also authorised to inspect relevant records and seek clarifications wherever required.

In the latest notification, the ministry said that the statistics would be used to compile a monthly Index of Industrial Production (IIP), and for the preparation of an annual publication, Chemical and Petrochemical Statistics at a Glance.

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Published: March 20, 2024