The long-awaited public consultation on the UK REACH ATRm was released last Thursday, 16th May. The proposal covers 4 key target areas:

  1. Registration related requirements: hazard requirements, use and exposure information, and Chemical Safety Reports (CSRs).

  2. ATRm regulatory powers and duties: transitional evaluations, compliance checks and publication of data.

  3. Substance groups: data sharing and joint data.

  4. UK REACH improvement policy: the restriction process, reporting processes, and protections against animal testing.

Key Takeaway:

The key takeaway is that the hazard requirements for transitional registrations will be reduced without undermining the “no data, no market” principle of REACH. For example, for 1-10 tonne registrations, the only requirement will be the hazard classification. This means the cost of a UK REACH transitional registration will be reduced by up to 70 % compared to the current baseline.

There are also other requirements to improve the quality of use and exposure data. The consultation highlights the government’s intention to use the ATRm to focus on the GB chemical market and respond to previous short comings in the information provided in REACH registrations.

Public Consultation Deadline:

The public consultation is open until the 11th July so we encourage companies impacted to comment. H2 Compliance will be commenting in due course and will provide further details on the ATRm soon.

Please reach out at info@h2compliance.com if you have any questions or require any support.

Published May 20, 2024