Yukon has published the Environment Act, Extended Producer Responsibility, on January 25, 2024, thus introducing Extended Producer Responsibility for multiple different product groups.

Therewith, it has aligned itself with EPR laws in other provinces, focusing on the substantive rulemaking while leaving the operational requirements to be proposed in stewardship plans.


The primary obligated party is the Steward, while the product groups in scope are (i) hazardous and special products and (ii) packaging, printed paper, and single-use items.

Hazardous and Special Products group contains items such as antifreeze, oil filters, or batteries, whereas Packaging and Printer Paper group contains items such as primary packaging, brochures, or single-use items.

The Steward is defined as the first supplier to end-user, and can mean brand owner, importer, retailer, franchisor, or a marketplace facilitator, depending on the existing route to market and the supplied product.

Regulation accounts for certain exemptions, such as stewards who are below de minimis threshold, beverage containers, books, or built-in lighting products.

The Stewards can develop and operate an approved individual stewardship program or join an approved stewardship program operated by a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO). As in other provinces, May 31st of each year will be deadline for the submission of the previous year’s supply data report.

The PROs are currently developing the Stewardship Plans, which should be submitted to the authority and launched at various points throughout 2025.


What are the EPR program start dates?

By April 1, 2025, the EPR program for Batteries

By July 1, 2025, the EPR program for Antifreeze, Oils and Oil Filters, Diesel Exhaust Fluid

By October 1, 2025, the EPR programs for Packaging and Paper Products, as well as the other hazardous and special products

By January 1, 2027, the EPR program for Alarms.


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Published June 20, 2024

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