The Extended Producer Responsibility for Packaging, Paper and Packaging-Like Products Regulation enforced the full EPR system to Nova Scotia in August 2023.

The primarily obligated party is the Producer, while the materials in scope are packaging, paper products and packaging-like products sold to consumers.


Although having set the December 1st, 2025, as the date of the full implementation of the program, Regulation introduces deadlines for certain actionable obligation of the Producer prior to that date.

The Producer is defined as a group name for brand owners, importers, retailers, and franchisors. The obligation is set in a hierarchical manner, indicating that the following person will be the Producer only if there is no person corresponding to the role prior.

The Regulation accounts for some exemptions, such as producers who are below de minimis threshold, unsanitary packaging waste or books.

Regarding the obligations prior to the full implementation date, the Producer must register with the national authority, and submit its readiness report as well as its past year supply data report to the national authority.

The Producer can submit the reports on its own or it can designate a Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) to do it on its behalf. As in the other provinces, from 2025, May 31st of each year will be the deadline for the submission of the previous year’s supply data report.

The current fee policy is yet to be determined and should be published late in 2024 or early 2025.


What are the deadlines?

By January 1, 2024, or as soon as possible, Producers must register with the authority

By October 1, 2024, Producers must submit readiness report

By October 1, 2024, Producers must submit its 2023 supply data

By May 31st, 2025, Producers must submit its 2024 supply data


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Published June 26, 2024

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