Packaging Waste and Cost Reduction Act, HF 3577, was introduced on April 8th, 2024, in Minnesota. The Act introduces Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging, including food packaging, and paper products.


The primarily obligated party is the Producer, which takes on different meanings depending on the product stream and route to market. For example, it can include the manufacturer, brand owner, packer, publisher, or importer.

The Act accounts for exemptions, such as de minimis producers, packaging for instant formula or medical devices or drugs, or bound books.

It also creates an obligation for the state to create a list of recyclable or compostable materials, as well as an alternative collection list, by March 1st, 2027. Alternative collection list is a list of products which are determined to be recyclable or compostable, but which need a separate system for collection and recycling from the one available statewide.

The Producer are due to become members of a PRO by January 1, 2025, although the PRO’s Stewardship Plans are only due in 2028.

Until then, the state will be conducting the initial assessment of needs, the cost of which will be charged to the PRO. Said cost will be remitted through fees that the Producers will pay the PRO, which will in turn pay the total cost to the state. The state is due to notify the PRO about the estimate of costs by October 1st, 2025.

Only from January 1st, 2029, must Producers be members of an approved PRO before placing products on the market.

What are the deadlines?

By January 1, 2025, Producers must be members of a PRO

By October 1, 2025, the state will provide the cost estimate

By March 1, 2027, Alternative Collection list completed

By March 1, 2028, PRO need to submit a Stewardship Plan

By January 1, 2029, only Producers members of an approved PRO can introduce in-scope products


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Published July 5, 2024

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