Regulatory Drivers

The use of Biocides in the EU is controlled by the Biocidal Products Regulation 528/2012 (BPR), which places obligations on Manufacturers, Suppliers and Users of such products across a range of end uses, such as disinfection and pest control. The inclusion of treated articles in the scope of the EU BPRadds new and complex obligations. All Biocidal Products must be authorised before they are placed on the EU Market. All Active Substances contained within Biocidal products must be Approved before use 

Achieving Compliance

We can assist you in understanding whether your product or your use(s) are covered by the EU biocides regulatory regime and determine their current and future requirements. If you are a user of biocidal products, we can advise on the steps required to achieve compliance with the Regulation and prepare for inspections by the authorities. We can also assist with National obligations such as product notifications in your country.

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