Regulatory Drivers

UK REACH entered into force at the end of the transition period on 1st January 2021.

The UK’s withdrawal from the EU, and subsequent implementation of UK REACH impacts chemical compliance for companies that manufacture in, supply to or source from the UK.

As a UK-based company:

  • Contact your EU and Rest of World suppliers to see if they will appoint a UK-based Only Representative for your imports going forwards.
  • Where eligible, submit your Downstream User Import Notifications (DUINs) by October 2021 to secure your imports and defer potential registration obligations.
  • Import from the EU may now incur a registration obligation.

As an EU-based company:

  • Import from the UK can now incur a registration obligation. Ensure your continued compliance with EU REACH.

As a non-UK company:

  • If you have an EU-based Only Representative, ensure your UK customers are aware so they can notify in the UK.
  • Consider appointing a UK-based Only Representative to secure long-term compliance for your customers. You may be able to submit a DUIN on their behalf and defer registration costs.

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london city scene at sunset

Achieving Compliance

H2 Compliance can help you identify Brexitrelated chemical compliance gaps and provide a tailored solution to close those gaps. We can help you take advantage of time-limited transitional provisions, and support Registrations, Authorisation, Classification and Labelling in both the UK and the EU. We can also act as your Only Representative in both the UK and the EU. 

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