Regulatory Drivers

The UK left the European Union and entered a transition period on 31st January 2020. The transitional period is scheduled to end on 31st December 2020, at which point it is expected that UK REACH will enter into force. 

 The UK’s withdrawal impacts chemical compliance for companies that manufacture in, supply to or source from the UK. 

  • EU-based companies importing from the UK will need to ensure their continued compliance with REACH, which may require new registrations to be in place before the transition period ends. 
  • UK-based companies will need to be UK REACH compliant. Importing from the EU may require a full new registration to be submitted in the UK. 
  • Non-UK companies can appoint an Only Representative (OR) based in the UK or the EU to secure compliance for their customers in that jurisdiction. 
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Achieving Compliance

H2 Compliance can help you identify Brexitrelated chemical compliance gaps and provide a tailored solution to close those gaps. We can help you take advantage of time-limited transitional provisions, and support Registrations, Authorisation, Classification and Labelling in both the UK and the EU. We can also act as your Only Representative in both the UK and the EU. 

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