Navigating Chemical Regulations to maintain your market access

Chemical regulations are complex. It is challenging for companies to track their obligations, stay up-to-date with changes and ensure they deliver all their regulatory requirements. As further countries implement their own variety of chemical legislation, the challenge becomes global.

We guide you through this complexity and ensure market access for your products. Whether you make chemicals for lubricants, mining products, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals or articles, we make sure that they are correctly registered or notified, providing Only Representative Services where needed.

We can classify your products and develop safety data sheets (SDS) and label recommendations. We can tackle your occupational health and toxicology concerns, including risk assessments and industrial hygiene services. We can track your substances of concern and stay abreast of risk reduction requirements, such as restrictions and authorisations to manage your commercialisation needs.

We understand what you do – and what you need to do –to make your products compliant.

UK REACH & Brexit

Our regulatory experts, drawn from Competent Authorities and across industry, will ensure a smooth transition to UK REACH. With our Only Representative service, H2 Compliance is your entry point into the UK chemicals market.

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REACH & OR Services

Whether your company is entering the EU market for the first time or helping you grow, we are here to manage the complex technical and administrative obligations of Reach to let you focus on what you do best.

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Hazard Communication

Whether your products are present locally or have a global footprint, Labels and Safety Data Sheets will always be part of communication within your supply chain.

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Notifications to competent authorities in the EU are a regular feature of Chemical compliance. We can help build your compliance roadmap with an emphasis on protection of your valuable data and cost efficiency.

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Toxicology and Risk Assessment

Are you confused about how to properly assess the hazard or risk of your chemicals or products? Do you have limited toxicology information on your substance?We offer expertise to address your health, environmental or product risk assessments needs.

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Global Compliance

As global chemical compliance activities continue to increase, it is critical that you understand the changing regulatory landscape to stay abreast of your requirements.

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The use of Biocides in the EU is controlled by the Biocidal Products Regulation, which places obligations on Manufacturers, Suppliers and Users of such products across a range of end uses, such as …

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Substances of Concern

Whether SVHC are in your Articles or Products or you’re using SVHC in the EU, you need to take action to ensure supply chain and use continuity.

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Cosmetics placed on the EU and GB market are controlled by the EU Cosmetics Regulation and the GB Product Safety and Metrology Regulation respectively. We can assist you in complying with these cosmetic regulations through the use of our bespoke software.

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Product Stewardship

Chemistry plays a vital role in the safety and sustainability of your products. We offer services to drive compliance and help reduce your product’s health, safety, and environmental impacts across its entire lifecycle as part of our customized Product Stewardship solutions.

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Chemical regulatory management is challenging and increasingly, requires software to deal with its complexities. H2 Compliance can tailor our element1+ application to put power at your fingertips.

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North American Services

When looking to sell your products on the North American market, we can handle your specific regulatory compliance needs offering tailored and practical solutions.

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