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Chemical Compliance

Your Responsibilities

Chemical regulations are complex. It is challenging for companies to track their obligations, stay up-to-date with changes and ensure they deliver all their reporting requirements. As more and more countries follow Europe’s regulatory approach, and introduce improved chemical legislation, the challenge becomes global.

We guide you through this complexity and ensure market access for your products.

How H2 Compliance makes it easy for your business

Whether you make chemicals for lubricants, mining products, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals, we make sure that they are correctly pre-registered, registered, reported and labelled.

We classify your products and provide certifications for all of your downstream users to show that they are properly accounted for. We also do the complex work of managing your technical registrations.

We understand what you do - and what you need to do - to make your products compliant.


our customers rely on us to guide them through the regulations.


we offer a straightforward approach to consultancy.


we reduce complexity for you around the world.

How does it all work?

Our experienced team of industry experts listen to you, develop the necessary solutions and provide the level of service you require. We can manage specific projects within the compliance process or the whole compliance programme for you.


With extensive experience in the development and deployment of complex EHS, chemical and supply chain projects, we are the go-to-people for global chemical management, product stewardship and occupational health programs.

Kevin Hoban

Chief Operations Officer
Manufacturers, importers and processors placing substances on the market are confronted with increasingly complex chemical regulatory requirements. We offer tailored consultancy services that best address the needs of their chemical management and circular economy strategies.

Beth Bidstrup

Director of Chemical Stewardship and Risk Assessment