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The UN Globally Harmonised System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS) is set of model regulations aiming to enhance the protection of human health and environment by providing sufficient information on hazards associated with chemical products. For example, the CLP Regulation adopts the provisions of GHS within the EU while HazCom 2012 adopted GHS in the US.

  • Most marketed chemicals should be delivered with a corresponding Safety Data Sheet (SDS) – we can offer a comprehensive service of SDS authoring for most jurisdictions provided by experienced authors.
  • The label of a chemical product is the primary and sometimes the only source of information about the associated hazards – H2 can check its completeness and correctness and also provide solutions for multi-jurisdictional labelling.




  • As a set of model regulations, GHS is being adopted worldwide although requirements can differ between jurisdictions. We have extensive experience of providing bespoke solutions that help companies to remain compliant when operating in multi-jurisdictional environment.

We also offer a substance tracking service to keep you informed of current and future obligations.

Download our GHS information brochure [.pdf 300 KB] here: Chemical_Compliance-GHS