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Registration Dossiers, Joint and Lead, are the primary obligation within REACH. A potentially complex technical and administrative obligation, we can manage your requirements. Your product portfolio is comprised of substances and mixtures which must be calculated to determine Registration and reporting obligations. As your portfolio of products and markets changes, so too will your ongoing Registration obligations which we can execute for you.

Updating of dossiers, spontaneously or due to an ECHA evaluation, for continued compliance.

Use of substances with unmanageable risks will be given a Sunset deadline and will require either Authorisation for continued use while you identify suitable alternatives.



We can review current compliance programmes and help you determine where risks and obligations may exist. Communication in the Supply Chain is an essential obligation.

The Only Representative (OR) function allows a non-EU company to take on the duties of their EU customers. H2 Compliance is a leading provider in this space with deep expertise and a software platform, element1(TM) which gives you insight and comfort.

We will be the point of contact to deal with Competent Authority inspections of your supply chain.


Download our REACH information brochure [.pdf 302 KB] here: Chemical_Compliance_EU_REACH (opens in a new tab)

Download our Authorisation brochure [.pdf 303 KB] here: Chemical_Compliance-EU_REACH_Authorisation (opens in a new tab)