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Circular Economy Software


Our software offers the broadest range of possibilities: it can be used as a circular economy platform, where you can manage your sustainable business or activity, or as an app for managing your chemical inventory or REACH obligations.

Fully scalable, it can perform simple admin tasks or provide more complex analysis, such as linking your material flows to global material flows - providing a complete picture of what is happening outside your company.

The software saves you time, money and resources. It also creates opportunities to increase your profitability and sustainability.

How H2 Compliance delivers value for your business

Our products are flexible.

We can create a branded web interface for your take-back management - so your customers can request pick-ups or buy additional services such as secure destruction of data.

We can create reporting tools for making declarations in a number of formats and countries - based on our multi-lingual, multi-currency platform.


Maintained and developed over 10+ years, our software is used by xxx customers.


Our software can be tailored and developed to meet your needs.


The versatility of our software offers you value and savings.

How does it all work?

We draw on the experience and expertise that we have developed and acquired over 10 years. We know and understand most scenarios, and are not surprised by new regulations or countries. Therefore we have pre-existing solutions which we can customise for you.

Our software manages a number of processes, grouped by activities, each of which can appeal to more than one customer. This is why we can deliver real value at a competitive price.


From finding and capturing the right information to tracking costs, our software makes your job easier. We developed chemical inventory software for a large pharmaceutical company – which saved them money and time – and they told us “we can always rely on H2 to do the right thing.

Grant Kinsman

Chief Executive Officer
element1 is our web-based software application that helps customers take control of their REACH obligations. Easy to access, it provides a secure collaborative workspace for managing substances and projects with full cost tracking and document archiving.

Kevin Hoban

Chief Operations Officer