Circular Economy Solutions

Businesses stand to achieve enormous financial gains by using their resources more sustainably and adapting to circular business models.

We operate a major network of over 350 suppliers in more than 50 countries.

We can help you make the most of your assets and increase your profitability and sustainability.

S³ Audit Programme

Our Smart Sustainable Supply Chain (S³) audit programme helps producers achieve the EPEAT global rating and verification system for:

  • Product Take-Back
  • Rechargeable Battery Take-Back Programmes
  • End-of-life processing

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We provide a range of take-back services:

  • Organising the collection, sorting and recycling of product and packaging waste
  • Implementing local, national and international solutions
  • Providing bespoke, efficient and cost-effective services

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How Does It All Work?

Our global and multi-disciplinary consultants are experts in EPR, eco-design, waste recycling, logistics, quality management and auditing – they offer all the services needed for end-of-life management projects and supply chain circularity.

  • tailored consultancy services
  • diagnostics and analysis
  • design and development (e.g. process engineering and re-engineering)
  • implementation and monitoring support (e.g. measurement of process efficiency and effectiveness)

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