Circular Economy Solutions

Businesses stand to achieve enormous financial gains by using their resources more sustainably and adapting to circular business models.

We operate a major network of over 350 suppliers in more than 50 countries.

We can help you make the most of your assets and increase your profitability and sustainability.

OnetoOne Take-back

WEEE 1:1 takeback program is designed for online retailers who are looking for a trusted partner to support their sustainability efforts. The program ensures compliance with the EU WEEE Directive defining retailer responsibilities for providing free of charge return platform for private consumers.

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Engineering Services

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) obligations are increasing in complexity as they are slightly different and applied in each respective market. Recognizing that each customer has its specific needs and challenges, we offer tailor-made consultancy services that best address the requirements of each organization in alignment with their circular economy initiatives.

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Global Take-Back Solutions

Our core competence is waste management, based on 15+ years of managing international take-back activities.

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Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO)

H2Compliance’s producer responsibility organization (PRO) helps producers comply with legal obligations regarding extended producer responsibility in Ontario, Canada.

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How Does It All Work?

Our global and multi-disciplinary consultants are experts in EPR, eco-design, waste recycling, logistics, quality management and auditing – they offer all the services needed for end-of-life management projects and supply chain circularity.

  • tailored consultancy services
  • diagnostics and analysis
  • design and development (e.g. process engineering and re-engineering)
  • implementation and monitoring support (e.g. measurement of process efficiency and effectiveness)

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