Global Services

Our services include:

  • Assessment of legal obligation
  • Registration with schemes and authorities
  • Data reporting
  • Invoice management
  • Information on copyright levy
  • Standardisation
  • Design, marking and information requirements
  • Green Dot licensing

Our Expertise

  • Specially developed service to provide accessible compliance for companies, supporting access to new markets in over 50 countries
  • Track record of helping companies become registered in multiple countries
  • Experienced and interdisciplinary team with wealth of environmental and copyright levy compliance knowledge and expertise

Customer Benefits

With our detailed knowledge of scheme rules, worldwide regulations and reporting categories we provide customers with:

  • Standardised compliance service with focus on getting registrations in place
  • Single point of contact liaising with customer
  • Implementation of cost-effective WEEE/ Battery/Packaging/Copyright Levy compliance services
  • Flexibility: the solution allows the customer to add new waste streams and countries as their operations expand

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