Why choose H2 Compliance CGlobal?

Recognizing the need for simple processes and efficient solutions, we go one step further than your usual compliance partner.

We have expanded our global EPR network expertise to include copyright levy, allowing us to offer tailored solutions for your requirements.

We are your one stop solution partner.

How we do this

• Appointing a dedicated account manager
• Assessing legal obligations based on your products and supply chain
• Providing guidance relating to requirements around copyright obligations
• Managing registrations with local schemes and authorities
• Calculating data reports in line with local requirements
• Reviewing and validating Copyright levy invoices
• Informing and guiding you on any legislative changes and their relevance for your business

Customer Benefits

With H2 Compliance, you have a strong, flexible and reliable partner at your side. We are continuously investing in our expertise to ensure the best possible solutions tailored to your needs.

•Standardised copyright levy compliance service that runs concurrently with your existing EPR obligations.
•Copyright experts providing full information on all Copyright Levy queries and solutions.
•Implementation of cost-effective benefit when combined with our other service streams.

As a Landbell Group company, we can help producers worldwide to be fully compliant and contribute to their sustainability and circular economy goals.
To ensure one stop service, our scope covers a wide range of environmental and supplementary compliance services, such as extended producer responsibility regulatory compliance, takeback solutions and chemical regulatory compliance.

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