From Linear to Circular…CEE SERVICES PORTFOLIO

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) and waste management obligations are increasing in complexity as they are applied slightly differently in each respective market. Recognizing that each customer has its specific needs and challenges, we offer tailor-made consultancy services that best address the requirements of each organization in alignment with their circular economy initiatives. Our current service portfolio is:

Responsible End-of-Life Supply Chains

Our broad range of engineering services ensures an independent and objective assessment of the sustainability of the end-of-life supply chain, promoting a greater transparency to demonstrate their compliance with best-in-class requirements and ultimately a higher security level.

We Offer:

  • Compilation and analysis of data to allow for End-of-Life responsible management
  • Environmentally safe end-of-life treatment, compliant with ecolabel standards and local law
  • Full tracking and traceability to prevent illegal destinations
  • Customized audit solutions
  • Waste samplings and characterization studies

We bring to our Engineering Services:

  • Worldwide, multi-disciplinary and multi-lingual team of consultants in Extended Producer Responsibility, design for recycling and repairability, waste treatment, reverse logistics, supply chain traceability through tracking, quality, and audit
  • 8+ years of providing a broad range of technical studies and consultancy services to support the development and implementation of circular economy initiatives
  • 30 qualified auditors, speaking 20+ languages
  • More than 20 years of experience in managing end-of-life supply chains
  • Own WEEE and Waste Batteries treatment standards in place for over 15 years
  • Extensive experience in waste management audits (over 2000 on-site audits with follow-up of over 7000 non-conformities).
  • Own quality standards for end-of-life treatment of e-waste and batteries.

Where are we different:

  • Single point of contact to support our customers on bespoke solutions
  • Lower cost, on the project basis, when compared to the full-time employee(s)
  • Scalable scope of work
  • Recognized and proof record audit standard and protocol that meets the EPEAT end-of-life management criteria. Our TS.HH.001 is a Qualified Electronic Recycling Standard by the Green Electronic Council (EPEAT). For requesting a free copy of our recognized standard, please click here.

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