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Environmental Compliance

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Environmental compliance is constantly changing. As more and more countries follow Europe’s regulatory approach, and introduce improved legislation, the challenge becomes global.

Manufacturers that are active in multiple markets have to face challenges for more than just one waste stream (WEEE, Batteries or Packaging and Copy Right Levy) along with different obligations in many countries.

Multinational producers are confronted with a complex and time-consuming registration process, coordinating membership applications, as well as contractual requirements with the relevant national authorities, authorised representatives and producer compliance schemes.

How H2 Compliance makes it easy for your business

Getting EPR wrong can lead to penalties, fines, prosecution and damage to brand and reputation.

If not managed closely, the costs associated with EPR legislation can be significant and act as a barrier to market entry or put your company at a competitive disadvantage.

We provide the broadest range of solutions – from consultancy projects to complete outsourcing.


We significantly reduce your admin burden.

Peace of mind

We manage all of your regulatory requirements and obligations.


We reduce your costs and save you money.

How does it all work?

We operate more producer compliance schemes than any other company globally.

With our detailed knowledge of scheme rules, worldwide regulations and reporting categories we manage multi-waste stream obligations in multiple markets for customers.


Compliance Global (CGlobal)

Compliance Global (CGlobal) is an environmental consultancy programme which offers a simplified compliance solution, covering:

  • Registration
  • Reporting for companies placing onto markets electronic and electrical equipment and / or batteries and / or packagin in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.



Copyright Levy Compliance

Our Copyright Levy Compliance programme can offer a single stop solution to copyright levy obligations as an auxiliary service, alongside your existing compliance programme.

The Copyright Levy Compliance programme includes:

  • Assessment,
  • Registration and reporting for companies with copyright levy obligations in Europe, Canada, USA, Japan, Russia, Paraguay, Turkey, and the Ukraine.


With unbeatable knowledge of local and international waste and transport regulations, and a major operating network in over 50 countries, our global take-back team meets your extended producer responsibility obligations and delivers your circular economy initiatives.

Andreas Bohnhoff

Head of Global Take Back Solutions

Our technical experts have extensive experience in environmental compliance. They ensure full compliance for customers, as well as protection of company and brand reputation. In addition to minimising environmental impact, they also create value by identifying cost reductions and opportunities for growth.

John Hayes

Chief Technology Officer