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Environmental compliance is constantly changing. As more and more countries follow Europe’s regulatory approach, and introduce new and improved legislation, the challenge becomes global.

If you are a manufacturer, selling or distributing any of the following, you could have a number of local obligations you need to comply with;

• Electrical and Electronic Equipment
• Batteries
• Packaging – empty packaging as well as packaged goods
• Paper items such as brochures or manuals
• Single Use Plastic – such as disposable food and beverage containers, plastic bags, cigarette butts, wet wipes, sanitary items, wrappers and balloons.
• Furniture
• Garden tools
• Medicines as well as sharps and syringes
• Paints and Oils
• Textiles such as clothing, workwear and other household linen
• Toys
• Boats
• Fishing Gear
• Tyres

How Does It All Work?

Local legislation varies in every country however as a minimum obligated producers are typically required to:

– Register with the national authority and/or join a compliance scheme
– Calculate and submit data on the volume of products/packaging they are placing on the market
– Pay fees to cover the cost of recycling and/or make provision for the take-back and recycling
– Provide information to customers, users, and recyclers relating to the product/packaging
– Label packaging and products in line with the EU directive as well as local labelling regulations.

Other Regulation you could be affected by?

Copyright Levy
Many countries impose a levy on producers, importers, or dealers of analogue and digital devices which can record, copy, and/or reproduce media. Although the copyright compliance regime is global, its implementation will vary from country to country.

If you are manufacturing, selling, or distributing any of the described equipment, you could have copy right laws you need to comply with.
Examples of in-scope devices:
– Smartphones
– Computers / Laptops
– External hard disk Drives
– Printers

​CGlobal, as your one stop service partner, can provide assistance with copyright levy compliance. For more details, please visit our Copyright Levy page.

Plastic-waste legislation and policies
Is in addition to Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). Member states have agreed to pay a levy based on the amount of non-recycled plastic packaging waste they produce. While some have decided to pay these themselves others have implemented systems to pass the fees onto producers. CGlobal can provide guidance on where this tax is enforced and how to comply.

Compliance Global

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Copyright Levy Compliance

Our Copyright Levy Compliance programme can offer a single stop solution to copyright levy obligations as an auxiliary service, alongside your existing compliance programme.

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