Simplified Solution for Worldwide Producers

Our core competence is waste management, based on 20+ years of managing international take-back activities. We bring to our Global Take-Back Solutions:

  • Knowledge of local and international waste and transport regulations
  • Superior operating network (300+ suppliers in 50+ countries)
  • Extensive synergies with own e-waste PRO´s platform
  • Diverse and multilingual experts in operations, audits, and environmental compliance

ICT Take-Back

ICT take-back solution ensures compliance across borders. Producers may choose what they need from our suite of services: from single take-back services for small amounts of waste to holistic, worldwide concepts.

We Offer:

  • Collection of complete units or components
  • Bespoken logistics solutions
  • Environmentally safe end-of-life treatment, compliant with corporate standards and local law
  • Maximizing revenue from end-of-life IT assets (ability to recycle or refurbish and reuse)
  • Full traceability to prevent illegal destinations
  • Certified devices and data destruction

Lithium Batteries Take-Back

Our services support producers of lithium batteries, electric vehicles, and e-bikes/scooters, as well as other organizations owning spent lithium that require a multi-country and coordinated take-back.

We Offer:

  • Specialized Collection
  • Supply of appropriate and authority-approved packaging, labelling, and packing instructions
  • Domestic and cross-border transportation in full compliance with national/international regulations
  • Usage of specific treatment sites or battery compliance scheme recycling network

E-waste Take-Back

E-waste is a complex mixture of components, materials, and substances. If not properly managed, it may cause collection/treatment inefficiencies, environmental damages, and penalties.

We support multinational producers,  distributors, and worldwide organizations that need harmonizing e-waste management.

We Offer:

  • Collection
  • Transportation
  • Treatment in approved audited sites to defined recycling standards
  • Serial number reporting

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