Regulatory Drivers

The European Commission’s (EC) Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability, the Toxic Substances Control Act’s (TSCA) Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety Act, and specific US State regulations, such as Proposition 65, are few of many regulations driving product transparency and the universal goal towards a more sustainable, healthier and safer environment.  

Not only are organizations being tasked to ensure their products comply with numerous regulations, but pressure from stakeholders and consumers to deliver on the promise of safe, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable products is increasingly common. Companies will need to execute on robust Product Stewardship programs to stay relevant in an environmentally conscious society. 

Achieving Compliance

Understanding the detailed chemistry of your products is foundational in supporting an effective Product Stewardship program. H2 offers customized software solutions to help data gathering, management, and regulatory analysis for products and packaging.  

H2 also provides product stewardship gap assessment services where we evaluate product stewardship core competencies across an organization using a product lifecycle approach. The assessment can be used to enhance or develop a robust product stewardship program that will enable an organization to better manage risks, promote sustainable practices and achieve internal stewardship goals.

Additionally, our team of experts are ready to help with solutions across the entire product lifecycle, including green chemistry analysis, product safety assessments, green marketing claims consulting, product testing, and circular economy engineering.  


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