Regulatory Drivers

Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) is the European Union’s (EU) chemical management regulation. We offer a suite of comprehensive solutions to address your REACH needs 

  • Only Representative (OR) Services 
  • Trustee (Consultancy) Services 
  • Registrations of all types including Lead, Joint, PPORD, and Intermediate Dossiers  
  • Managing existing registrations by updating dossiers to include new data from Lead Registrant/Consortia as well as meeting REACH obligations to keep tonnage import information current.
  • Substances of Concern: Staying abreast and managing the impact to avoid market interruptions and maintain supply chain integrity.   
  • Management of Lead SIEF Services 

Achieving Compliance

H2 Compliance offers a comprehensive service tailored to your unique requirements. We provide technical and regulatory expertise to ensure your products maintain compliance throughout your supply chain: 

  • We review compliance programs and identify your risks and obligations. 
  • OR functions to allow a non-EU company to take on the duties of their EU customers. Clients continue to benefit from ready access to REACH experts.  
  • We simplify and manage the complexity of REACH Registrations for you  
  • We offer strategic business solution and services to identify and manage the risks of substances and articles, including Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC), and Restrictions.
  • REACH technical and strategic consulting services
  • Complete product portfolio review to determine regulatory obligations and provide appropriate solutions.

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