Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool

EPEAT is a global rating and verification system that helps purchasers to evaluate, compare and select electronic products based on their environmental attributes.

EPEAT also helps manufacturers establish the green credentials of their products.

Our Expertise

  • 50 qualified auditors, speaking 20+ languages
  • More than 13 years of experience in managing end-of-life supply chains
  • Own WEEE and Waste Batteries treatment standards in place for over 10 years
  • Extensive experience in waste management audits (over 1,700 on-site audits with follow-up of over 5,500 non-conformities)

Smart Sustainable Supply Chain

Our Smart Sustainable Supply Chain (S³) audit programme helps producers achieve the EPEAT global rating and verification system for:

  • Product Take-Back
  • Rechargeable Battery Take-Back Programmes
  • End-of-life processing

Our Services

We support producers of computers, displays, televisions, imaging equipment and mobile phones that want to achieve the EPEAT required criteria for their products or increase their overall score.

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