Regulatory Drivers

Substances in Articles:

If you supply articles that contain Substances of Very High Concern to the market, you have responsibilities under Article 7(1), Article 7(2) and Article 33 of the REACH regulations.  You will also have to submit information to the SCIP database (which was established under the Waste Framework Directive).

 Substances of Concern: 

 Various regulatory lists highlight substances which are subject to regulatory risk management actions now, and those which may in the future. Establishing a structured tracking process will allow you to prioritize and to take timely action for your continued market access. Go from a reactive to a proactive strategic approach. 

Achieving Compliance

We can help in the following ways: 

  • Carry out a gap assessment and determine path forward  
  • Advise on management system to ensure compliance
  • Assess if notifications are required
  • Carry out submissions to the SCIP database
  • Our software and service solution delivered over element1 allows you to:   
    • Maintain a central platform to reduce manual workload by linking up documents, people and status
    • Use a visual interface to allow for easy interrogation on status   
    • Proactively maintain change control and document revision history

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