Regulatory Drivers

Substances of Concern:

Various regulatory lists highlight substances which are currently subject to regulatory risk management actions, as well as those which may be in the future. Establishing a structured substances of concern tracking process for your products will allow you to prioritize risks and take timely action for continued market access. Go from a reactive to a proactive and strategic approach.

Substances in Articles:

Products containing Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC) may be restricted for certain uses or require authorization for use in the EU. Additionally, if you supply articles that contain SVHCs to the EU market, you may have responsibilities under REACH to notify authorities and downstream users as well as submit information to the Substances of Concern in Products SCIP database (a requirement under the Waste Framework Directive).

Other substances of concern lists include those in certain industries, other global regulations such as the US California Proposition 65 list, as well as restricted substance lists (RSLs) required by your customers.

Achieving Compliance

Keeping track of substances of concern in your products and understanding their impacts can be a challenging task. We can help reduce your risk in the following ways:

  • Identify substances of concern in your products
  • Carry out a risk assessment of your products to help prioritize action plans
  • Advise on a management system to ensure compliance
  • Carry out REACH notifications and SCIP database submissions

Our software and service solution delivered over our element1 platform makes compliance easy by allowing you to:

  • Maintain a central platform to reduce manual workload by linking up product composition and substances of concern lists that are important to your industry and the geographic regions where you sell your products
  • Use a visual interface to easily interpret risks on both a substance and product level
  • Evaluate product risks quickly when substance of concern lists are updated

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