Core Team of Professionals

H2 has offices in Ireland, England, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Finland, Slovakia, India, and the USA.


Dora Caria |MSc., MBA|
Dora Caria |MSc., MBA|Head of Circular Economy Engineering |Lisbon, Portugal|
I manage a team of enthusiastic circular economy project managers with an extensive background on takeback programs, quality, audits, recyclability assessments and waste studies.

They design, develop, implement and improve circular economy solutions to customers, namely by ensuring efficient and sustainable return programs, eliminating material leakages and maximize the economic value of the returned flows. We are passionate about circularity and we dedicate our energy to connect the dots from waste to product.

• Global Take-Back
• OnetoOne
• Engineering Services

Kevin Hoban |MSc Chem, Dip Env Eng|
Kevin Hoban |MSc Chem, Dip Env Eng|Director |Cork, Ireland|
I am one of the original founders of H2 Compliance in 2006 and work as Chief Operations Officer, with particular focus on Management, Legal, Commercial, and business systems. I hold a MSc in Industrial Chemistry and Diploma in Environment Engineering, coupled with 5 years in the metals industry and 10 in electronics.
I sit on the board of the Only Representative Organisation and represent this group at the ECHA Helpnet.

• Software Solutions
• Commercial
• Consulting

John Hayes
John HayesHead of Product Stewardship & Compliance Solutions
I manage a team of technical experts with extensive experience in environmental compliance. They ensure full compliance for customers, as well as the protection of company and brand reputation. In addition to minimising environmental impact, they also create value by identifying cost reductions and opportunities for growth.

I set up H2 Compliance with Kevin Hoban in 2006 and in 2016, H2 Compliance became part of the Landbell Group. I also helped to set up the ERP companies in the UK and Ireland for the implementation of the WEEE Directive.

Grant Kinsman
Grant KinsmanCEO
As CEO of H2 Compliance I lead the global environmental and chemical business strategy for regulatory compliance consulting and services. The company has contracts in place with over 300 companies across North America, Europe and Australasia including Blue Chip and global brand companies in industries including Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, IT, eMobility, Chemicals, Cosmetics, Mining, Fertilizer and Petroleum. Our aim is to deliver world class services to these industries that deliver circular economy compliance solutions, namely registration, authorisation, technical reporting requirements and product take back.

Human Resources and Finance Team

Nikki Hogg |ACCA|
Nikki Hogg |ACCA|Financial Controller |Dublin, Ireland|
• Management reporting
• Forecasting
• Accounting
Thomas Chavara
Thomas ChavaraFinance Assistant
Ursula Hayes
Ursula HayesHR Manager

Chemical Team

Alicja Mikołajewska|B.Sc.|
Alicja Mikołajewska|B.Sc.|Junior Chemical Regulatory Consultant |Łódź, Poland|
• SDS, GHS, CLP, HazCom
• Notifications: PCN
Ben Bruford|B.Sc.|
Ben Bruford|B.Sc.|Chemical Regulatory Consultant |Chester, UK|
• Global Compliance
Catalina Dobre |LLM|
Catalina Dobre |LLM|Compliance Solutions Sr. Specialist |Amsterdam, The Netherlands|
• Platform Owner : element1 (internal and external)
• Software Solutions
• Process Efficiency
Chris Terrett
Chris TerrettOnly Representative Services Manager
• REACH & Only Representative Services
Claire Mathis |MPH|
Claire Mathis |MPH|Chemical Regulatory Manager |Springfield, Virginia, USA|
• North American Services: USA and Canada
• Toxicology & Risk Assessment
• Product Stewardship

Concy Aciro |UKRT, ERT|
Concy Aciro |UKRT, ERT|Chemical Regulatory Consultant |Kent, England|
• Hazard and risk categorization
• Biocides, cosmetics, & chemicals
Domonick Zanarini |CPPS|
Domonick Zanarini |CPPS|Product Stewardship Consultant |Au Train, Michigan, USA|
• Product Stewardship
• Substances of Very High Concern & SCIP
• North American Services: USA and Canada
Emily Bergmann |MSPH|
Emily Bergmann |MSPH|Chemical Regulatory Consultant |Alexandria, Virginia, USA|
• North American Services: USA and Canada
• SDS, GHS, CLP, HazCom
• Toxicology & Risk Assessment
Ewelina Strzelecka-Szewc |MSc|
Ewelina Strzelecka-Szewc |MSc|Chemical Regulatory Consultant |Łódź, Poland|
• SDS, GHS, CLP, HazCom
Helen Rudden |MSc|
Helen Rudden |MSc|Compliance Program Manager |Dublin, Ireland|
• Global Compliance
Jenna O'Flaherty |MChem|
Jenna O'Flaherty |MChem|Chemical Regulatory Consultant |Kent, England|
• Coordination of analytical testing
• Global Compliance
Jim Mo |MS. ChemE|
Jim Mo |MS. ChemE|Product Stewardship & Regulatory Associate |Fairfax, Virginia, USA|
• Product Stewardship
• North American, EU, and Asia services
• SDS, GHS, CLP, HazCom
Julia Polewiak | B.Sc.|
Julia Polewiak | B.Sc.|Junior Chemical Regulatory Consultant | Łódź, Poland|
• SDS, GHS, CLP, HazCom

Justyna Walczak | MSc|
Justyna Walczak | MSc|Safety Data Sheet Author | Łódź, Poland|
• SDS, GHS, CLP, HazCom
Mary Kerley |B.SC, CAPM|
Mary Kerley |B.SC, CAPM|Chemical Regulatory Consultant |Dublin, Ireland|
Marzena Pysz |MSc|
Marzena Pysz |MSc|Safety Data Sheet Author |Gliwice, Poland|
• SDS, GHS, CLP, HazCom
Miriam McAuliffe |MSc|
Miriam McAuliffe |MSc|Chemical Stewardship Consultant |Dublin, Ireland|
• Toxicology & Risk Assessment
• SDS, GHS, CLP, HazCom
• Substances of Very High Concern
Natalia Kaczorowska |MSc|
Natalia Kaczorowska |MSc|Safety Data Sheet Author |Łódź, Poland|
• SDS, GHS, CLP, HazCom
Olena Krychevska
Olena KrychevskaChemical Regulatory Consultant
• REACH & Only Representative Services
Olga Ligocka | B.Sc.|
Olga Ligocka | B.Sc.|Junior Chemical Regulatory Consultant| Łódź, Poland|
• SDS, GHS, CLP, HazCom

Orlaith Murphy | B.Sc.|
Orlaith Murphy | B.Sc.|Chemical Regulatory Specialist | Cork, Ireland|
• EU REACH & Only Representative services
• Compliance

Paweł Jędrzejczyk |MSc|
Paweł Jędrzejczyk |MSc|Service Manager - Hazard Communication |Łódź, Poland|
• SDS, GHS, CLP, HazCom
• Notifications: PCN and C&L
Richard Adams|MBiochem|
Richard Adams|MBiochem|Chemical Regulatory Consultant |London, England|
• Toxicology & Risk Assessment
• SDS, GHS, CLP, HazCom

Environmental Team

Agnieszka Domanska
Agnieszka DomanskaEnvironmental Compliance Manager |Germany|
Ana Barrela
Ana BarrelaEnvironmental Compliance Manager |Portugal|
Denys Perov
Denys PerovEnvironmental Compliance Manager |Poland|
Dominika Sudra
Dominika SudraEnvironmental Compliance Manager |England|
Emma Pledger
Emma Pledger Environmental Compliance Manager |England|
Franziska Gorenflo
Franziska Gorenflo Environmental Compliance and Business Development Manager |Germany|
Iris Wörle
Iris WörleEnvironmental Compliance Manager |Germany|
Katarzyna Pietruszewska
Katarzyna PietruszewskaEnvironmental Compliance and Business Development Manager|Poland|
Katharina Effe
Katharina EffeEnvironmental Compliance and Business Development Manager |Germany|
Kayleigh Neale
Kayleigh NealeSenior Environmental Compliance Manager |England|
Kyle Bowers
Kyle BowersEnvironmental Compliance Manager |England|
Michelle Chatland
Michelle ChatlandSenior Environmental Compliance Manager |England|
Peter Pavlacka
Peter PavlackaSenior Environmental Compliance Manager |Slovakia|
Petra Zikmundova
Petra ZikmundovaEnvironmental Compliance Manager |Slovakia|
Sahin Ayanoglu
Sahin AyanogluEnvironmental Compliance Manager |England|
Silvia Montisci
Silvia MontisciEnvironmental Compliance and Business Development Manager |England|
Sofia Carvalheiro
Sofia CarvalheiroEnvironmental Compliance Manager |Portugal|
Arne CampenSenior Environmental Compliance Manager |Germany|
Iva Lea AurerEnvironmental Compliance Manager, North America | Italy|
Jacob HaggerwoodEnvironmental Compliance Manager |UK|
Katarzyna ŚwiątekEnvironmental Compliance Manager |Poland|
Megan FitzgeraldEnvironmental Compliance Manager |Ireland|

Circular Economy Team

Ana Magriço | MSc|
Ana Magriço | MSc|CEE Project Manager | Lisbon, Portugal|
• OnetoOne Take-back
• Global Take-back Solutions
• Circular Economy Solutions
Irem Meyer
Irem MeyerCEE Take-Back Services & Data Coordinator |Detroit Michigan, USA|
• Global Take-Back Solutions
• OnetoOne Take-Back
• Engineering Services
João Barahona
João BarahonaCircular Economy Engineering Specialist | Madrid, Spain|
• Global E-Waste Take-back
• Recall Programs
• Recycling Solutions
João Nitsch
João NitschCEE Project Manager
Jeffrey Morrison |PE|
Jeffrey Morrison |PE|North America Environmental & Take-Back Manager |Jarreau, Louisiana, USA|
• Global Take-Back Solutions
• OnetoOne Take-Back
• Engineering Services
Mario Champagne |Chemical Process Engineer|
Mario Champagne |Chemical Process Engineer|Technical & Audit Manager |Lyon, France|
• Supply Chain Audits Management Worldwide
• Customized Waste and Legal Studies
• Products Assessment
Martyna Czapnik
Martyna CzapnikCircular Economy Engineering Take-Back Services and Data Coordinator |Warsaw, Poland|
• E-waste take back
• Data processing

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